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Getting the Norton Toolbar back onto Firefox from IE8

Hi. I had the Norton Toolbar on my Firefox v3.6.8 but FF was uninstalled (long story) on my Win7 64-bit machine. The Toolbar then went to IE8.

Now I am using Firefox Portable 3.6.8 and I can't seem to get the Norton Toolbar to work with FF because it's still on IE8 instead.   It works just fine with FF Portable 3.6.8 on my Vista 64-bit.  What do I need to know to make FFportable work with the Toolbar on the Windows 7 64-bit machine?  Thanks!



Re: Getting the Norton Toolbar back onto Firefox from IE8

Hi Megafrog,

Welcome to the Norton Community. What Norton product do you have? Is it Norton Internet Security (NIS), Norton Anti-virus (NAV) or Norton 360 (N360)? Also what is the exact version from Help & Support > About?

The Norton toolbar should be present on all supported browsers which includes both Firefox and IE. It is not just one or the other.

I would suggest as a starting point that you try the procedure outlined in the following post.


The MozBackup which it talks about can be found here.

Hope this helps and please let us know how it goes.

Best wishes.


Windows 7 Ultimate SP 1, 64 bit, 32 GB * NIS Vers.* Ghost 15 * IE 9, Firefox, Safari. Test laptop with W7 Home Premium 64 bit * NIS Vers.

Re: Getting the Norton Toolbar back onto Firefox from IE8

Thank you for responding Allen M!  This is NIS 2010 version

Thank you for the link but that is for an INSTALLED version of Firefox.  My Firefox is Firefox Portable, which is specifically designed so that it does not need to be installed, uninstalled, or have anything deleted.  Installation was copying it from another machine, uninstallation would be deleting it.  For various reasons, the portable Firefox has the best setup for me.  I know the Norton Toolbar can work on a portable firefox because it already does on my Vista machine. 

Both machines also had a previous version of "installed" Firefox on them, it was uninstalled on both machines, and then the portable version was copied in.  These were months apart though, so I may have forgotten any other step between, but it seems like it *should* work on Windows 7 as easily as Vista. I just can't tell why it doesn't work.  On the "view / toolbars " menu Norton just isn't there.

I deleted some old junk that was left over from the original "installed" FF installation and rebooted.  That step didn't change anything.  What do you think I should do?  Is there something I could copy from one version to another?  Or even from the IE8 on the same computer to FFportable?

Thanks for your help!


Re: Getting the Norton Toolbar back onto Firefox from IE8

Check in Tools > Add-ons.  Is the Norton Toolbar listed?


Re: Getting the Norton Toolbar back onto Firefox from IE8

It's not in Tools->Add-ons, or even anywhere else in the Tools menu at all.


Re: Getting the Norton Toolbar back onto Firefox from IE8

I assume you did change to FF Portable after uninstalling the normal version? Then Norton toolbars will not work out of the box.

Maybe this thread helps you then :


It's about N360, but toolbars are identical to NIS.

You will find the Norton plugin about here :


And you have to copy it to :

x:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\components    where x: is the drive your Portable FF is on.

Bear in mind, that you have to copy it everytime the Norton plugin changes in it's original folder.

Hope it helps.

W8.1 Update 1 / W7-SP1 with IE11 and FF 35, TB 31.4, NIS2014 21.6 and NS 22.1.09, (Android 4.2 with NMS 3.8)

Re: Getting the Norton Toolbar back onto Firefox from IE8

Thank you hvgsel for the suggestion.  I followed the steps in that link:

  1. Download Firefox Portable > http://portableapps.com/apps/internet/firefox_portable
  2. Install
  3. Copy coFFPlgn.dll to Components Folder
  4. Now Firefox will not Hang in memory and will have Norton Toolbar

Unfortunately it did not affect FFportable at all.  I restarted the computer just to see if that would make a difference but it did not.  I checked the view>toolbars and the Tools>Add Ons but neither listed the Norton Toolbar.  What is the next step?


Re: Getting the Norton Toolbar back onto Firefox from IE8

Hi Megafrog,

You could also try reinstalling NIS 2010 - this has solved problems when the Norton add-ons would refuse to appear in Firefox even after completely removing Firefox and reinstalling it again, deleting and rebuilding the extensions folder etc. If NIS 2010 is the only Norton product on your computer, then you can follow the instructions below:

Note: the removal tool will wipe out your settings and any other Norton products installed on your computer. It will not touch your product key, however, and your newly installed Norton product should pick up your key automatically.

-first, back up your Identity Safe data beforehand if you use Identity Safe:

-download the removal tool from here and save it to your desktop:

-download the full NIS 2010 installation package from here and save it to your desktop:

-make sure you have got your product key handy (you can get it from your Norton account) just to be on the safe side.

-deactivate any other security software you may have, such as Windows Defender. However, please leave Norton running. As a side note: running two real-time security programs on one machine is not recommended.

-if you wish, you can create a system restore point

-disconnect physically from the internet (remove the internet cable) that way your computer is not exposed.

-if you are in Vista: right-click on the removal tool icon, run as administrator; run the removal tool 2-3 times, rebooting each time after every run

-after running the removal tool: if in Vista: right-click NIS 2010 icon, run as administrator, let it install itself. When it wants to connect with the web, connect again to the internet. By all means run LiveUpdate after installation and reboot your computer.


Re: Getting the Norton Toolbar back onto Firefox from IE8

Hi Yasu_Kuuhl

The computer with the toolbar failure has NIS free for 15 months through the manufacturer -- and they only have system recovery disks as opposed to individual disks to back up individual components.  I'm jittery enough with reinstalls from past experience and don't want to lose the 15 months or fumble with the question of whether I can even get just one thing back from the reinstall disks, so if reinstallation is the next step I'd rather wait until it does the auto-update to NIS 2011. 

I thank you and appreciate that you wrote the steps, but my past has been terrible when it comes to using the system restore disks with "auto bloatware hard drive domination." It is just way outside my comfort zone to risk a repeat of that again.  I just hope you have another suggestion.


Re: Getting the Norton Toolbar back onto Firefox from IE8

Hi Megafrog,

When you uninstalled Firefox previously did you delete all the folders?  Your old profile may still be intact, as this is stored in your user account's application data folder.  Instructions for locating it are here.  If it still exists you could try copying it into your portable Firefox as explained here:



Re: Getting the Norton Toolbar back onto Firefox from IE8

Those files were gone SendOfJive but I also tried a reinstall of the "local" FF just to see if the toolbar would appear on that one, thinking I'd be able to copy it over.  It did not appear on the new Local Firefox so there was nothing to copy to the portable Firefox. Does that mean anything?

Accepted Solution

Re: Getting the Norton Toolbar back onto Firefox from IE8

So then you have the extensions problem, which existed a while ago.

There were some problems with the Norton FF extension updates a few months ago; sometimes FF is a bit mixed up and cannot install the right extensions.

You probably have the basic installation of NIS from that period.

You now have two more possibilities, which you can try after eachother :


- Close Firefox

- Go to the Profiles folder of Firefox :

   C:\Users\HvG\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\something.default . something =  a combination of random characters

- Open with Notepad the  ´extensions.ini´  file in there and carefully remove the lines which have 

  ´C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Norton\..................´ in it´.

- Save the extensions.ini file.

- Then open with Notepad the  ´extensions.cache´  file in there and carefully remove the lines which have either

   ´winreg-app-global .......  C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Norton\..................´   in it´. 


   ´app-global .......  C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Norton\..................´    in it´.

  These are long lines ending with a number.

- Save the  extensions.cache  file.

- Start Firefox again and see if the extensions come up now. If yes, you are set.

If the lines are not there or if it does not work, only the next solution is left, which is reinstall.


(probably the quickest and most effective, it takes 5-10 minutes only; this has always worked for me),

You first have to save your product key. Don't be afraid to reinstall Norton if you have the key. It will be recognised again, as it is already registered.

If you are afraid, first call Customer support in your country to get your key, preferably via the chat function, available in NIS or on the support site.

0. You should be able to find your Norton key here :

C:\ProgramData\Norton\00000082\00000109   filename key.txt..

Save that file somewhere else on your PC. You will need that because you are going to manually delete the directory it is in.

1. Uninstall NIS via Control panel, but reply to save your settings etc. and reboot.

    You do not need to run the Removal Tool, just uninstall NIS and reinstall, with next step in between.

2. Important !!!: Delete the Norton directory in the Program Data directory on your C: drive  (Application Data on WINXP).

3. Download and run (from the link below) NIS; this is the latest version  :

http://www.symantec.com/nl/nl/norton/support/kb/we b_view.jsp?wv_type=public_web&docurl=200903030350... 

Remark  : If you need another language of the link above, simply select your language in the right hand upper corner of the page at the world map or the field 'Beschikbare vertalingen' or 'Available translations'.

At the end the installation will ask you for your key. Just copy/paste the key form your saved key.txt  file and you should be set.

This installation file now creates another directory in Program Data containing the right install.rdf, which installs the Norton extension in FF  The directory name now is or like :

file:///C:/ProgramData/Norton/{C55C096-0F1D-4F28-A AA2-85EF591126E7}/NIS_17.6.032/coFFPIgn

Afterwards the Norton Toolbar should show up in FF..

If you then have some other extensions (non Norton) disabled, just reinstall them from the FF extensions site. Your settings are not gone and will be the same afterwards.

Don't forget to rin Liveupdate a couple of times till no more updates are available. If asked to reboot in the process, it is important to do that.

Plse report back if it is solved now.

W8.1 Update 1 / W7-SP1 with IE11 and FF 35, TB 31.4, NIS2014 21.6 and NS 22.1.09, (Android 4.2 with NMS 3.8)

Re: Getting the Norton Toolbar back onto Firefox from IE8

HVGSEL - Thank you!  Solution Part I did not work since theextensions files didn't mention the norton hard drive location.

However Solution Part II is the way to go (and even addresses my fear of bloatware from using Norton's own file rather than the computer company's restore disk!)  Thanks to everyone who chipped in to help and case closed!


Re: Getting the Norton Toolbar back onto Firefox from IE8

You're welcome. Glad i could help you. In the meantime i even made a career move here in the forum to Super Contributor. I consider that a lifetime achievement.

To round up also for other contributors and users withe same problem : there is no need to reinstall FF again if the toolbars do not show up, as it most of the times it will not work out. FF will work allright, as long as it gets the right info, ie. the right install.rdf for the Norton Toolbar.

I had a lot of systems i serve, where this error occured;  Dutch language systems. The error did not seem to occur often on English versions of NIS, but occured also on other language versions.

Deleting the Norton directory from the Program Data directory is 'key' in between uninstall/reinstall, as it was a Norton error in the past by not supplying/replacing the right install.rdf in the old Norton directory with a subdirectory named lower than

W8.1 Update 1 / W7-SP1 with IE11 and FF 35, TB 31.4, NIS2014 21.6 and NS 22.1.09, (Android 4.2 with NMS 3.8)

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