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How do I reinstall Norton 360

How do I reinstall Norton 360 after a reintall of operating system?



Re: How do I reinstall Norton 360

Download the latest version of N360 from this Link .  The web page says after NRT usage but this applies to your situation also.

Make sure you have your product key handy (written down) or stored online in www.mynortonaccount.com .  Also, please make sure your system has all the MS updates and patches / Service Packs applied BEFORE you install N360.

Double click on the downloaded file and it will instruct you on the installation.  Input the product key when asked or use the link on the bottom of the displayed window to find your key online and apply it. 

After installing, run Live Update until it says there are no more updates found.  Enjoy N360.

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Re: How do I reinstall Norton 360

Hi kdtrucker,

If you are using Norton 360 2.0 or earlier version, better upgrade to latest version - Norton 360 3.0. If you have a current subscription to Norton 360, you can update to the latest version by downloading the update (Norton 360 v3 Standard or Norton 360 v3 Premier). When you install the update, it will remove your previous Norton 360 product and apply the subscription information to Norton 360 v3. You can continue using the new version by just renewing the subscription when the current subscription expires. Please proceed with updatig your Norton 360 to latest version and let us know how it goes. You can use the same product key of Norton 360 for activation of Norton 360 3.0.


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Re: How do I reinstall Norton 360

Hi kdtrucker,   As mentioned by 'dbrisendine', download the the latest version of N360 from the link specified and make a note of the product key. You can uninstall the N360 product on your machine / reinstall OS and Install the new version of N360. Product would automatically activate with the product key what you had before only if you are just reinstalling the product.   From Main screen select My account and click on Activate N360, provide the product key if you are reinstalling product after OS reinstall.   Note: Kindly register to Norton account before you uninstall as you can save your product key and get it back when needed. Revert back if you need more information. Thanks

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