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How to Re- download Norton 360?

I had purchased Norton 360 on Oct 6, 2009 and have been automatically renewing my subscription. I've got 2more PCs that I can use the subscription on, but do not have the software CD; is there anyway I could download the software given my current subscription without having to buy the software all over again?

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Re: How to Re- download Norton 360?

Also, please make sure that if you have got the Standard edition of Norton 360, then download the Standard edition - the same goes for the Premier edition; the editions are not interchangeable (we've had posters who had switched editions and had to uninstall the wrong version and install the correct one) :-)

You will also need your product key to activate Norton 360; please fetch it from your Norton account (link below) and keep it handy:


Should you experience any difficulties when activation your Norton product, please contact Symantec Customer Service (you can chat with them for free) and explain the situation to them; however you should be fine. 

Finally, the links Turbo has indicated contain the latest installation packages of Norton 360 - version 

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Re: How to Re- download Norton 360?

sandeshadvani, trust you have your Norton 360 Product Key. If you have merely uninstalled Norton 360, it will still be on your Hard Disk and so, you would probably not need it. However if you have formatted your Hard Disk, you will need to have the Product Key, to re-install it.

I always save a copy of my Norton 360 as well as a Text File containing the Product Key. This way, I do not need to log into my Norton Account to retrieve the information or re-download the product!


Re: How to Re- download Norton 360?

360 standard 360S

360 premier 360P

Just download whatever version you have from one of those links and activate it with your product key.

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