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Last Java New Question- deployJava1.dll

ok I had uninstalled Java 6 Update 23 just to check something

So at this point I do not have Java on my system

However, when I go to

C:\Windows\System 32

I still see this item


Now I do not have Java installed as verified by the Java text page

There is no java in C:\Programs

There is no java in programs when I check via the Start>Control Panel>Programs> Programs and Features

I googled deployJava1.dll and some of the things that show up in google, give the impression that it is malware and possibly a rootkit

But when I check the file I have it is:

 Signed by Sun Microsystems

Shows  version as

Has a created date of 4/17/10 and a modified date that coinicides when I DID install Java 6 Update 23


1. Is this a malicous file?

2. why this file is still on my machine, even after I uninstalled java 6 Update 23?

    (is it one of thos eleft over pieces/quirks things?)

****I will not be deleting it unless instructed by trusted sources to do so