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Logitech SetPoint Software and eReg.exe


I installed Logitech's SetPoint software so I could program some keys.  The software didn't work as expected and I had a couple other problems with it on my home computer (Win 7 Home Premium - 64).  I successfully removed SetPoint a couple weeks ago or so.   Yesterday a Logitech survey popped up when I logged in to my computer.  I thought it was odd and checked that I had actually removed setpoint and to make sure it wasn't some crazy spoof.  I did a little research and found the program is called eReg.exe which is a registration nagger.

Have any of you dealt with this program and know how to remove it?  It doesn't start up via the start folder, task scheduler, or a process I could connect to it.  I can't find it in custom start up options.  I really don't like the idea of some program I don't want installed on my system.  I want to be careful how I remove it so I don't bork any registry entries.  Any information or advice (other than don't install Setpoint ever again - I learned that lesson) would be appreciated.

I've emailed Logitech support but it's not really going anywhere.

HP Pavilion e9290 - Win 7 Home Premium 64 - N360 Premium v5