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NAV 2009 blocks internet pictures

Hi im new to using Norton Internet Security and since im using it it is blocking some pictures on the internet. Is there a way to disable this??



Re: NAV 2009 blocks internet pictures

I am sorry for the mix up I did. I have Norton Internet Security 2009 and working with Windows XP SP3. It is the only security software running on my pc. And everything works perfect but it blocks some of the pictures on the internet.


Re: NAV 2009 blocks internet pictures

How do you know that NIS is blocking them? Are you getting pop-ups indicating that a problem has been detected? Are you see entries in the logs? If you are seeing either of these, can you provide the exact text of the message?
Reese AnschultzSenior Software Quality Assurance Manager, Symantec Corporation

Re: NAV 2009 blocks internet pictures

Not sure which browser you are using to access Internet - Internet Explorer/FireFox/Chrome and it's version. Also, it is not clear whether you are experiencing the same for all Web sites or for any particular Web site. Are you able to view images after disabling the Norton program?

Try the following steps if you are using Internet Explorer and check whether the issue happens again:

1. Start Internet Explorer.

2. On the Tools menu, click Delete Browsing History.

3. In the Delete Browsing History dialog box, click Delete Files.

4. Click Apply.

5. Click the Advanced tab, and then verify that the Show Pictures check box is selected under Multimedia.

6. Click OK.


Also, you can try disabling the firewall, identity safe, phishing protection etc from NIS 2009 and verify whether any of these components blocking the image. If you have Add-on Pack installed, then disable Privacy Control also. 


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Re: NAV 2009 blocks internet pictures

As Phil asked -- can you give us a link to a webpage where you find pictures are blocked then we can see what happens for us.

Note Reese's question too!


Re: NAV 2009 blocks internet pictures

Hi JanBehang,

In order to help you with your issue, could you give us a bit more information?

Can you tell us which Norton Product and version (year) you are using? You have listed NAV in the title, but mention Norton Internet Security in the body of your message.

What security software did you have prior to Norton? Was it completely uninstalled?

Do you have any other security software currently installed?

Also, if you can tell us which operating system you are using along with the service pack, that would further help us with diagnosing your issue.

Lastly, could you provide a link to the sites where the pictures are blocked?


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