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Should I delete the NSWBE07100 folder?

I had 2007 Basic Works and Internet Security. I decided to accept the 2008 Internet Security down load offer to improve my product. Afterward, I couldn't make my Basic Works work. To make a long story short, I ended up using the Norton removal tool and reinstalling the 2007 programs. Everything (I think) works ok now.  But now I'm not sure what to do with the yellow folder on my desktop labled "NSWB07100".

These are the programs that are now in my computer:

Desktop (yellow folder), NSWBE07100, (207 MB)

Program files, NIS081550, (68.3 MB)

Program files, NSWBE071010, (77.6 MB)

Program files, Symantec, (12 MB)

Program files, Norton Internet Security, (58.3 MB)

Program files, Norton System Works, (40.2 MB)

Program files, Norton Installer (0 bytes)


Do I get rid of the yellow folder on my desktop or move it somewhere? It seems like I have too much Norton in my computer. I am excited to find out what the answer is!





Re: Should I delete the NSWBE07100 folder?

Correct. Would do no harm
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Re: Should I delete the NSWBE07100 folder?

I just knew the answer would come! Ask and receive!

All along I wanted to get rid of that folder but was too afraid it might do something adverse to my Norton systems if deleted.  

Now, with confidence I tossed it in the recycle bin and feel my desktop is a lot lighter.

Several years ago when I got my first computer I deleted every program file or icon that seemed like extra stuff I didn't need. It was only minutes before my computer stopped working and everything had to be reloaded. Ever since, I'm afraid to delete stuff. 

Have a great day!



Re: Should I delete the NSWBE07100 folder?

You can safely delete NSWBE07100 folder from desktop. It's needed only during installation. Be sure to keep NIS081550.exe and NSWBE071010.exe files so you can reinstall these programs later, if needed.

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