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Windows installed updates without my permission

I just looked in Windows updates to see that a security update has been installed. I have automatic updates enabled, but I do not allow Windows to install updates automatically. There was also a recommended update which I chose not to install. The security update was KB2423089 on looking at the details of this, it appears it was released in December 2010. Yet this is the first time I have seen this, and it never appeared with automatic updates for December 2010,  & January & February updates.

So it looks like Microsoft have over ridden my settings. The other update was one I chose not to install which was KB968930 and it was a recommended update, and not an important update like the other one. This makes me even less comfortably about trusting Microsoft. I mean how can I rely on getting important updates from Microsoft when this happens, and how can I trust that something is not being installed on my computer without my permission which it clearly has been.