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XP Hangs at Windows Shutdown Screen - TuneUp Utilis 2011 BUG!!

Hi all, I have been experiencing problems with my computer  hanging at the 'saving settings' window during the shut-down procedure for around 4-5 months. (this problem is random)!!

Today I notice in windows event viewer that an entry is created by Microsoft's 'User Profile Cleanup Service' at each shutdown, the offending piece of software is TuneUp Utilities!

Here's one such entry, note the info varies on each log entry but it is always the same service causing the issue!

Event Type:    Information
Event Source:    UPHClean
Event Category:    None
Event ID:    1401
Date:        23/09/2011
Time:        22:19:55
User:        SLINKY\Slinky Grafix
Computer:    SLINKY
The following handles in user profile hive SLINKY\Slinky Grafix (S-1-5-21-1957994488-1078081533-839522115-1003) have been remapped because they were preventing the profile from unloading successfully:
TuneUpUtilitiesService32.exe (3444)
  HKCU (0x3a0)
  HKCU (0x3ac)
  HKCU (0x3b0)
  HKCU (0x4f8)
  HKCU (0x4fc)
  HKCU (0x500)

Please note that on the ocassions where my computer DOES HANG, the above type of entries are not generated! Seemingly the 'User Profile Service' does not always work.

I have contacted TuneUp Utilities Tech Support dozens of times and they said to try stopping the TuneUp service before shutdown and see if the problem goes away. I tried that and it DOES!!!

TuneUp Utilities will not acknowledge that there is a problem with their software and ignore ALL my emails!

TuneUp Utilities is quite a good program (when it works properly) but the company who sell it are flippin useless!! Not at all what you would expect from a German Company!!

Any help would be much appreciated.

P.S. I have tried a fresh install but still no luck!