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Can Norton 360 help block popups?

I use Firefox as a browser & it works great on blocking popups but for a week now I've been getting many popups every day congradulating me on "being today's winner" if I buy 3 things or join 3 clubs.

These popups all use the Firefox name & logo but Firefox said it's a false site & it is not them & because of the design that Firefox can't block it.

They said some ad company found a way around the blocker by designing their popup like a winfow with the Firefox name & logo (which I think should be illegal & should carry a heavy penalty).  After all, I'm the one that bought & paid for this computer, not that ad company.

Can Norton 360 help block popups?


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Re: Popups

Install the adblock plus Firefox add-on; be sure to subscribe to all the relevant lists.

While you're at it: make sure you don't have any add-ons installed you didn't put there/want.

Finally, re-think the sites you are visiting.

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