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Customer care number for refund

Can you please provide the customer care service number for getting refund for automatic renewal. The phone numbers are terribly hard to find; norton sites didnt work on my mac yesterday. I dont know if its a browser/platform issue or specific to my laptop. Thanks harsha



Re: Customer care number for refund


You can contact Customer Support to get your refund.  Live Chat is usually the quickest,  but you can ring if you like.  You can reach them here.

I hope this helps.


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Re: Customer care number for refund

Here's the link to get Live Chat:

To contact customer support Click on this link https://www.norton.com/chat   and work on from there.

But we do have a Forum here for Mac users so you may like to check there in case it's something they know how to fix:


I presume you are using the special Mac version?!!!

Please let us know how you get on ....


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