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Virus definitions out of date

I have read here that people are also having this problem but with no real fix.

1. Running Windows XP - Running Norton internet security 2012

2. Started getting message "Virus definitions out of date" - reran no fix

3. With software renewal close I tried to use "removal tool but got message that the tool version was out of date"

4. removed Norton internet security 2012 with "add/remove programs"

5. Install a "new" copy of NIS 2012 - Still go the same problem.

6. Definition date is correct and everything seems to be working except for this warning.

7. Is my computer safe?

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Accepted Solution

Re: Virus definitions out of date

Hi jackson42,

Check your system date and time - if the date is incorrect, it can cause these sorts of issues.

"Most threats succeed because they take advantage of human weaknesses (laziness, apathy, ignorance, etc.), and less because of their sophistication." - Brian Krebs, Krebs on Security

Re: Virus definitions out of date

Thank you very much, Some how my date got changed by two months. I reset it and ran updates agin and

all is well.

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