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FBI Moneypak Virus: Removal Instructions (Delete the Malware / Ransomware for Free)

FBI Moneypak Virus Removal (Click the Video Below)

How to Remove the FBI Moneypak Virus that Locked Your Computer (Video Transcript)

Here's the Moneypak virus detection and removal help! The above FBI Moneypak Removal video link will walk you through the quick and easy steps for removing FBI Moneypak (Trojan.Ransomlock) using the free FBI virus removal tool, Norton Power Eraser.


1) Start by shutting down your computer by holding the power button for ten seconds.
2) As the system restarts, press F8 key twice to bring up the advanced boot options.
3) Use the down arrow to select "Safe Mode with Networking" option.
4) Using the browser, go to http://norton.com/npe
5) Click the button "Download Norton Power Eraser" (this will delete the FBI Moneypak Virus)
6) Save it to the Desktop and double click icon to run the exe file
7) Agree to the User License terms
8) As soon as Norton Power Eraser initializes, click 'Scan for Risks'
9) Let it restart to scan
10) Tap F8 again as the computer reboots
11) Use the down arrow to select "Safe Mode with Networking" option again.
12) Click Run to allow Norton Power Eraser to automatically scan.
13) Once it finishes, you'll see the 'Scan Complete' window with the results of the infected file.
14) Click the Fix button at the bottom to remove or uninstall FBI Moneypak virus, if found.
15) It will ask you to reboot or restart your system one more time. Click Restart.
16) When your computer reboots to normal mode, you'll see a confirmation that NPE removed or uninstalled the FBI Moneypak Virus

Other helpful FBI Virus Removal Resources

More instructions can be found at Norton Support Portal on the document titled I see an alert from FBI or police asking me to send money

FBI Moneypak Greendot Ransomware's Usual Rogue Behavior

This is an extortionist malware or ransom-ware that fakes as an alert or a warning from the Federal Bureau of Investigation that you are implicated in an illegal cyber activity and threatens that you pay a fine or end up in jail if the cash is not paid within the stipulated time of 72 hours. In other words, this computer virus, claiming to be from FBI, locks your PC for a ransom!

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