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update on Kindle fire HD

I have recently purchased the kindle fire hd for my daughter and included in the deal was the tablet security, i have installed this on the tablet but straight away its saying that there is a update available, so i click on it to download it and then it says it cannont download it until i have installed the Android market. I have searched this on you tube and it says that its  not recommended as it interfers with the software on the kindle and if you dont know exactly what your doing it could really mess up the kindle. Please HELP!!!!!!


Accepted Solution

Re: update on Kindle fire HD

Hi pyroman.

Welcome to the Norton Community Forums.

Because the Kindle Fire has a special operating system it cannot make full use of a number of Norton products aim mainly at the Android market.  And it is my understanding that Norton Tablet Security is one of these.  In fact I believe that Norton would say you were just as well if not better off when using the Kindle Fire to use the free Norton Mobile Security for Kindle Fire.  Which you should be able to find via the Kindle Equivalent of the app store.

Norton Tablet security when used on an Android device would try and upgrade you to the latest version of Norton Mobile Security and this is what your product seems to be trying to do, however because of the bespoke nature of the Kindle Fire it cannot do so. 

When you say Norton Tablet Security was "included in the deal" did they actually charge you anything for it?  If they did then I think you should ask for a refund.

If I were you I would un-install Norton Tablet Security and install the free Norton Mobile Security for Kindle Fire.

I hope that helps.  Any further questions do come back.

We would also be interested in hearing what you decide to do and how it works out.

All the best.


Re: update on Kindle fire HD

Hello I think I have a similar problem. I have just had bought for me the Kindle FIRE HD with also Norton Tablet Security. However after following the installation instructions in the box, It won't accept the activation code and says it's invalid. HELP !!!

Re: update on Kindle fire HD


Welcome to the Norton Community.

As Andmike posted in this thread if Norton Tablet Security (NTS)  was

purchased for the Kindle Fire HD (KFHD) you should return to the place

of purchase and ask for a refund as it is not comatible with the Android

OS of the KFHD.

If they do not refund the product then Norton offers a full 60 day money

back policy on all Symantec Norton products. More info in the link below -

Norton Refunds Info Link

Then if you uninstall any Norton product on your KFHD and search the

Amazon Apps store for Norton Mobile Security (NMS) you will find the

free KFHD tablet version of NMS Lite for free.

More info from the link below -

NMS Lite Amazon Apps Store

Hope that info is helpful. :) Let us know how you go. :-)




Re: update on Kindle fire HD

hi I will be taking this back to Curry,s as soon as. just amazed that they sold it with the Kindle FIRE ND if they knew it was not compatible... Thank you NICOLA K