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Strong Vault: malware

Strong Vault is an application that is downloaded as a free addition in several internet download packages.  The product appears to do what it is supposed to do but collects information from all sorts of activities.  This information apparently doesn't go anywhere maliciously but it is not HIPAA compliant as a retention of PHI protected health information.  It also keeps any other program from changing you home page or preferred  search provider from SEARCHQU which tracks your searches and records the data without distributung it.  No real problem until you try to delete it.  After running the uninstall there continue to be myriad alerts and blockages of program function that are apparently left over from Strong Vault and the cache it formed still exists.  There is a 10 page discussion thread with incredibly complex measures for removing this application and removing it with revo uninstaller included a lot of programs to which it is linked including winzip,  all browsers: IE,Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera, were a few tha stood out.  All of them had to be scrubbed.  The MSI file that removes all these links fine but only the link from one of the three propietary upgrades of Strong Vault which it will not uninstall untill you reinstall it.  Apparently, no one has had trouble getting back their money after this reinstall the upgrade in order to uninstall the free version but right now it is unclear about what happens during this reinstall then uninstall maneuver.  The tracking logs may be extensive and just appear to have vanished.  In any case it is suspiciously like a trojan horse that I think it should be investigated before it is dubbed a "safe program"    http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_other-windows_programs/what-program-is-strong-vault-connected-to/f9cfb0e2-af3b-46ca-80a4-470c8d36f8fc.  Strong hold appears to be another manifestation of this theme and microsoft fixit recognizes bothe as files that leave undeletable registry keys. Bob Sindel