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Male or female?

I thought that you should add a little icon ( and ) under the Username and rank that the poster is male or female. This is a little thing, but it could be awkward if we miss the "(s)he said" or anything like this things...

And it's always better if we know who we are deeling with, or how to tell the helping steps :P :D :D :D :D

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Re: Male or female?

Hi PapauZ

Not a bad question I would be interested to see what others think,I like the fact that questions are not answered based on Male/Female.After all its the help that is wanted, not that I believe your answer would change according to who asked it?Its solving the problem that is most important.Hmmm Who am I,Maybe add a Computer symbol for those who are confused?(I mean this in good fun)

Cheers Mo
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Re: Male or female?

I tend to use the old newsgroup OP for Original Poster when answering messages and needing to refer to he/she.


On the other hand there is the old Lawyers' tag: "Man embraces Woman" <s> which you can interpret legally as "The term "Man" includes the term "Woman" which is the case in legal documents.