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ICE/FBI virus

Twice in the last 2 months my computer was shut down by the FBI/ICE (update of FBI) virus.  I got rid of it finally by going to Safe Start and reverting to an earlier time.  Question is, why doesn't Norton stop or at least warn of this virus?

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Re: ICE/FBI virus

Because of all the different changes to the UI and even just the drooper being changed.   Also the users not being smart enough to know where not to go.  Also users a lot of the time do not know what they are really doing so that at times users think they have cleaned their system, when they haven't.


The so called FBI  (not a virus) has a few groups from Uruasy and Reveton + smaller groups. ICE is not the same but is Firmans group.


Oh and Norton cannot warn of a virus "Alert you have a virus" when it is not a Virus.