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360 2014

I do not like the new 2014 of Norton 360.  It is cumbersome and a lot less user friendly that 2-13.. How do I go b ack to 2013?

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Re: 360 2014

Hi nicolsons

There are links below to download either the standard or premier version of Norton 360.  Your key is only valid for the version you have purchased.


Norton 360 standard, download link below.


Norton 360 premier, download link below.


You might like to backup the personal data and you’ll need to backup or export in both formats your identity safe and any other users identity safe if it is used, before doing the below.


If you use ACT! or WinFax, back up those databases before you proceed.

Download Norton removal tool link below.  Running the Norton removal tool will remove other Norton products that are on the computer.


After downloading the above use the process below to remove the Norton product and then reinstall the norton product.


Physically disconnect from the internet (unplug the internet cable or disable the wifi).


Later Norton will automatically request an internet connection when it has failed to connect to the server, connect to the internet and click retry at this point norton is active connecting to the internet at an earlier time may have the computer unprotected and connected to the internet.


Uninstall Norton use the windows add/remove programme first.

Then restart the computer.

Then run the Norton removal tool.

Then restart the computer.


Install Norton.


Close the activation window.


Launch Norton it may be showing red or orange and disable,


Automatic download of new version.


 Restart the computer. 


Launch Norton you’ll need to activate it, if you don’t get the activation window click on live updates, after activation run live updates as many times as it takes to get, no more live updates, restarting as requested.


Import the identity safe/vault data if you need to.


Remember to return the Norton settings to your requirements.


If you have any questions please ask before you start?