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360 and Microsoft Security Essentials

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Can I have 360 and Microsoft Security Essentials (Windows Firewall and Defender are not installed) running at the same time?  Currently, I am doing so and have not experienced any problems. 


The reason I am doing so is that 360 scan of download did not catch Trojan and running 360 scans on entire system did not detect it even after my system started having problems.  I shut off 360, installed Microsoft Essentials and when I ran a scan it found the the trojan and removed it.  Needless to say, I'm not thrilled about just relying on 360.  Nor was I thrilled w/ Symantec trying to charge me $99  I to 'fix' the problem. 


Something similar happened a few years ago, and at that time the tech rep I spoke with on the phone tried to pressure me into paying $99 by saying that I wouldn have trouble resolving the issue myself.  I did some searches on google and  was able to find a free solution online.  (I can't remember if I found the info on the Microsoft site or the Symantec site).



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Re: 360 and Microsoft Security Essentials

Hi sawdin


It is never advisable to run two real-time antivirus programs at the same time.  They can create major performance issues as well as interfere with each other's detection abilities.  For these reasons Microsoft recommends uninstalling any other antivirus software before installing MSE.  All AV programs will miss a small percentage of threats.  Norton has one of the higher detection rates in independent tests and also has several additional types of protection that are not found in free basic no-frills programs such as MSE, so I would certainly recommend staying with Norton 360.  Whichever realtime AV program you choose though, you can supplement it with on-demand scanners such as Malwarebytes'  and SuperAntispyware without issue.  But running two real-time products simultaneously should be avoided.

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Re: 360 and Microsoft Security Essentials

sawdin , do you have Norton 360 version 4 installed ?