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Cannot access any of my applications

I recently got a virus on my computer and it has changed all my applications to exe files, thus I am unable to access any of my applications. I can't even access the web unless I do it through Norton. 

When I click on an application a box pops up informing me to pick a programme to run the chosen program or application. When I locate the the original file it just tells me that programmer cannot be opened!!!!


Please can someone help me with this problem?


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Re: Cannot access any of my applications


Sorry we're meeting under these circumstances. I can recommend only two solutions. The first is to wait for user, volunteer Quads to see your message and respond. The other is to go to one of the sites listed below and work with only one of their experts. The rule is the same in all cases. You finish with the one that started the process. It is individual and please, no self-help fixes while you wait. They will only complicate the process.

The links


Win7x64 SP1 current NIS V21