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Comcast Norton Security Suite email protection

If I'm not confused, my Comcast Norton Security Suite has a popup that tells me if downloads and email attachmenmts are safe. Somone I know recently opened a zip attachment to an email and got a reallly nasty virus called CryptoWall. It encrypted most of his files. I was wondering if Norton would have stopped this? Will it stop me from running a file befor it infects my computer? Do I need to make change to either Norton or my OS (Win7 Home Premium) to keep me from accidentally opening executables that are sent as email attachments.


I am asking half to know if I am protected and half to know if we should change his antivirus program so it won't happen again.

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Re: Comcast Norton Security Suite email protection

The best defense against email attacks is using safe web practices, and never open emails from those you do not recognise. And definitely do not click on attachments in an email unless you know the sender and you are expecting that attachment.


I believe Norton does detect this kind of attack, but I will defer to those with more knowledge of the specific protections available.




Things happen. Export/Backup your Identity Safe data.