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Comcast Security Suite

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Do I have to be logged in through Comcast website for my computer to be secure using the Comast security software?

Also, what is the difference between the Comcast Security Suite and Norton 360?


Also what is the cost to renew Norton 360.  I currently have Norton 360 2013 but I see there is a Norton 360 2014 version.


Thank you


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Re: Comcast Security Suite

Hi kiwigirl,


Comcast's free offering is Norton Security Suite (NSS) - which is a clone of Norton 360.


You do not have to be logged in thru Comcast for the program to function - ut do need to be loggd into your Comcast Account and also on your home modem in order to download and install it.


You can go here to see the comparison between NSS and N 3560.  In a nut shell, NSS does not offer onlione (cloud backup), but can back up to removable media (USB Drive, CD/DVD etc. It has only a Local Vault - thus not able to sync the ID Safe with other devices.  Also there is no Norton Account and Norton Management can not control it remotely.


The cost of renewal for Norton can be found in this link: - Currently a $30 savings.   Also you can check with reputable local/online suppliers for their prices and then get the cheapest and just use the product key when it comes time to renew.


The upgrade from 2013 to 2014 is free - if you have a current license.