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Connected to protected network when WiFi turned off?

Hi Guys,

first post.

I run 360 on three Home Machines. Laptop Connects wirelessly through a BT Home Hub. Recent security issues forced me to upgrade to Windows 7 and pay more attention to Security. I now have my router set to turn of WiFi at Midnight -come back on at 6am.  

Whilst checking firewall logs etc in 360 on Laptop - I noticed this morning that there are several entries between 1:30 am & 4:30 am :


"Protecting your connection to newly detected network on adaptor "torero Tunneling Pseudo -interface" IP Address: fe80:;1898:xx:xxxxx"   This then followed by " IP Address has disappeared from adaptor Torero Tunneling....................."



"Protecting your connection to newly detected network on adaptor 2DW1501 Wireless -N-WLAN Half Mini Card" (IP : 192.1XX.X.XX)  - THIS ip being the laptops   followed by .................."connected to a protected network ( ::0)


Similar messages appear throughout the time in question and then backed off with 3 notifications that :


Connected to a protected network ( At 4:15am, 4:28am & 4:36 am. -???????



The Laptop is usually not turned off ,just the lid closed.


Really grateful if somebody could explain these messages given that my Wi -Fi is tunred off? is the Laptop connecting somewher else even when lid closed?.


Thanks Guys.

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Re: Connected to protected network when WiFi turned off?

Turning off the router does not turn off the networking components in Windows.  Those entries are typically what you would see when Windows starts up and include the internal link-local connections.  I wouldn't be too concerned about it.  You might check the list of wireless networks that Windows sees and make sure that you are not jumping onto any that might be open in your neighborhood.  Obviously, if wireless is turned off in your router, you are not going anywhere (and nothing is coming in) through that gateway.