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Download Help

My North 360 product recently expired and I needed to renew it. I tried to renew it but ended up purchasing the NIT 2011 product instead. I contacted customer support over the phone and she said refunded my NIT 2011 purchase and got me the correct 360 version 5 product. Then when I went to my products page, there was a download button next to the NIT 2011 product but not the 360 product. My 360 product is showing that it is renewed, but there is no download button. Also, my NIT 2011 product still works on my computer and it shows I have 366 days of protection left. Could my NIT 2011 product still be working and not my 360? Please help!

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Re: Download Help



please log into with your email and password. There check please Norton 360. If the expiration date there is 2012.something, than it has been renewed, and you just need to remove Norton Internet Security 2011, and install the current Norton 360 version.


Here are the steps for the reinstall:

1. If you use the feature, please backup your Identity Safe data (Settings -> Web Settings -> Identity Safe -> Backup)
2. Download latest Norton 360 installer:
- Standard with 2GB Online Storage
- Premier with 25GB Online Storage
- Standard Netbook Edition with 2GB Online Storage
- Premier Netbook Edition with 25GB Online Storage
- for other languages than English please go to the Norton Update Center:
3. Download Norton Removal Tool:
4. Disconnect from internet
5. Remove the other Norton product from Start Menu or from Control Panel -> Add or Remove programs
6. Reboot
7. Run the Norton Removal Tool, reboot (repeat it 2-3 times)
8. Install Norton 360 version 5 with the downloaded installer
9. Reconnect to the internet
10. Activate Norton 360 version 5 with the same key you have for in the Norton Account
11. Run Live Update until you get no new updates
12. Restore your Identity Safe data (Settings ->Identity Protection -> Restore)

You can check how the Norton Removal Tool works in this video.

Let us know the results.

Windows 8.1 Embedded Industry Pro x64 Hungarian, Norton 360 v21.3.0.12

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Re: Download Help



Just to add, please make sure you use the key for N360 and not the one for NIS 2011.  They are not interchangeable. Thanks.

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