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Download Norton 360 instead of CD version



I bought a new computer one month ago, and along with the computer the sales person skillfully tempted me to buy a Norton 360 CD ROM. When I sat down to install the software I remembered that my new computer doesn't have a CD or DVD drive (it is a very small computer). Now, how can I proceed to get a downloadable or USB or other version instead? I am not in the same country where I bought the CD ROM, so going back to the store is not an alternative and I obviously already have the software and license and all, but I can't install it on my computer!



Thank you so much for help!


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Re: Download Norton 360 instead of CD version



you can download Norton 360 from these links:  - Standard version with 2GB of Online Storage Space  - Premium version with 25GB of Online Storage Space




Plus when version 5 will be released (very soon in this month), you will be able to get as a free update in the Norton Update Center:

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Re: Download Norton 360 instead of CD version

Hello petrablixt


The above links are for the English version of the program? If you require a different language of the program, please let us know..  Since you bought the program in another country, keys are now associated with the language of the country. The key is good for any language, but if you need a different language of the program than from where you bought the program, then please do not use the update center since that is tied to the language based on the key. If it is the same language, then there is no problem. Thanks.

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