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Fake Norton 360?


About a month or so back my subscription to Norton expired.

And my mother thought it would be a good idea to buy it from some random site that had it for "cheaper"

It seems fake or doesnt look like the norton 360 that i know.

And now i got an email from norton sating that my subscription ran out.

But when i open the Norton window on my says that i have 74 days left?


Is there any way for me to find out if what i have is legit Norton 360?


I tried to open live support/chat.....but i keep getting an error.

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Re: Fake Norton 360?

With a legitimate download, you should have received a new security code that you could enter into your existing installation of the same product (assuming you already had Norton 360 Installed).  Are you sure you didn't download a 90-day trial?


If you've registered your product with Norton, you should be able to see its status if you go into your Norton Account (click on the "My Account" tab, then on the "Access My Account" link).  In the example below, my Norton 360 license was activated on March 28, 2010.   If you click on the arrows on the left column, it will also show the detail (including the product key) for each license....




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Re: Fake Norton 360?

Hello CaptainCadaver


Welcome to the Norton Users Discussion Forum


You can give customer support a call via live chat and give them the key that you have and the name of the product and version number. They are the ones who handle all the subscription matters. You can chat with them for free. Here is how to contact them.

This is the link for US/Can. If you need a different location, please consult your local Symantec site for the local free chat customer support link.


Please come back and let us know how you made out. Thanks.

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