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HELP Blekko 'Google Redirect' Virus

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I have recently noticed my computer has been running slowly ever since this toolbar/program called Blekko was in-voluntarily installed and downloaded on my computer. It also redirects my google searches when I click on the links, they often lead to ads and innaproprioate content. According to if I cannot manually un-install the program I might have a bad problem with my computer. I have Norton 360 installed and is always up-to-date and am very careful with my internet usage. I live in Australia if that helps. I have seen numerous websites that have various ways to rid the computer of the virus, but I am not confident to install and run all of those anti-malware and anti-spyware programs that are 'supposed' to help. Any help would be awesome!

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Re: HELP Blekko 'Google Redirect' Virus

The best you can do is going to one of the free malware removal forums like or


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Re: HELP Blekko 'Google Redirect' Virus

Hi Adam

You might like to try spybot search and destroy.  The image below has a few toolbars in it, I realise the issue you have is not there.  Firstly do a registry back up, (mz backup is free) also running some software in safe mode (see help and support from the start menu) can have a better result.  When downloading and installing the real time protection should be rejected as it can conflict with Norton, so the basic version is required.  There are a couple of other links one is MBAM, which some people report conflict with Norton in the basic and PRO versions.


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Re: HELP Blekko 'Google Redirect' Virus

Hi admadrox,


Through your own admission of being not too tech savy (unconfident), I suggest you do not run any other programs, but do go to one of the malware removal sites listed by mp3jo. 


Just my 2 cents.