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How do I create home groups that work with norton360 and windows8 and windows 7 in one home?

I have  2 win 7 PCs and 1 win8 on different floors, different access points within one LAN.   I cannot get the firewall to let homegroup in windows work with them.   I am leary of uninstalling norton 360, isn't there a simpler solution?

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Re: How do I create home groups that work with norton360 and windows8 and windows 7 in one home?

Hi savagebill,


This may be caused by the Trust Level Norton assigned to your network.


If you would like to check or change the Trust Level, follow the instructions below: 

(I don't know which version of 360 you have and I currently have Comcast NSS installed but the terminology should be close)


  • Open the Main UI > Settings > Firewall > General Settings
  • Look for Automatic File/Printer Sharing Control and turn it Off
  • Click Apply

Return to the Settings window and select:


  • My Network > Network Security Map > Configure [+]

This will open the Network Security Map.

Your computers should be indicated by icons in the map.  Check to see if Shared or Protected is indicated underneath the icons.


  • To change to Shared, under Network details, click [Edit] 
  • In the Edit Network Details Windows look for Trust Level
  • Click the [Edit] button and change the network trust level from Protected to Shared.
  • Click Apply and Okay your way out.

Check this on all of your machines and let us know how you do.


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