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How do I remove do-search from my computer?

Do-search is a browser hijacker that I cannot get rid of. Spyhunter and PC Cleaner are the only options when I do an internet search for instructions to get rid of Do-search. Spy Hunter and PC Cleaner chrarge for their services and it seems odd that these 2 programs are the only ones that can eliminate Do-search. I have other anti malware programs, which, along with Norton , cannot detect or eliminate Do-search.


I believe the reason for that is Do-search, Spy Hunter, and PC Cleaner are working together in a self perpetuating market! Otherwise other anti-virus, anti-malware programs would be able to detect and remove!


Has anyone had success in removing Do-search without purchasing Spy Hunter or PC Cleaner? Please help! Thank you!


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Re: How do I remove do-search from my computer?

Go here and create a thread on the protected malware board and I will deal with your system.


I have done 100's of system over the net, from PUP'sd through to a system with Zeroaccess, Pihar and MaSS active partition to clean.  (that took some steps).