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How recover a license from a broken computer

I have Norton 360 with 3 licenses. One of then was installed in a computer that now is broken.

In my user acount there are 3 installations used and I can't isntall another in my new computer.

How can i recover this installation from my broken computer?

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Exceed the allowable number of instalation but it's not true

I have Norton 360 with 3 licenses. After I upgrade from v5 to v6 Norton installation  I receive the error "You have exceeded the allowable number of installs" when I activate my Norton product.

Now I have in my computer one trial license.

How can I fix it and recover my activation?

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Re: How recover a license from a broken computer

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Hi vrvergara,


Please contact Customer Support.  Live Chat is usually the quickest.  Explain to them your situation and they will be able to free up your activation in no-time.


If your new computer came with a preinstalled security product it will have to be thoroughly removed before installing N360 to be sure of a good installation.  If you could tell us which product that is,  we can point you in the right direction to download their removal tool.


Let us know how you get on.


Thanks,  Dave.

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Re: Exceed the allowable number of installation but it's not true

The Norton license count can increase if you have used Norton on multiple computers or if you have installed the Norton on your old computer which crashed earlier. The license of the old crashed computer still counted as one of the computer. The other example may be if you are using three computers with Norton installed. You have then sold one of the computer and purchased a new computer, installed an activated Norton on new one. Now the license of the old computer is still counted. To resolve this issue, you just need to contact Norton Support (Chat/email/phone). Explain the situation, they are ready to reset the product key to help you in correcting the license count. To contact Norton Support, visit and click on product support, contact us... Proceed further.. Note: It is always recommended to reform the computer before selling/donating the computer to others. Becoz, if you have any personal information they all will be removed. When it comes to security you are the first, then comes any other security product. Dhana