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How to remove files from online backup?

So, I just started using Norton 360.  Thought I was going to use the online backup....but have since decided not to.  Now my slight OCD personality would like to remove the files that were already sent to the online backup. 


How can I do this?



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Re: How to remove files from online backup?

Hello acritzer.

Depending on your version of Norton 360 you can follow the steps on the link below.

Norton 360 1.0

Norton 360 2.0


The same principal is for whatever destionation the backup is made to. Just choose that first and then choose Delete previously backed up files.

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Re: How to remove files from online backup?

i have Norton 360 2.0


but the steps don't work for me it says its full but when I click the button to delete stuff it says there is nothing in it think its just messed up all together do they 

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Re: How to remove files from online backup?

Hi stent,


Do you have multiple backup sets (have you installed N360 multiple times, on one computer or many)? If so, you can only delete files from your current backup set using the purge feature described above. In order to purge files from a different backup set you will need to be on that computer. If you are unable to access the other computer or are having difficulty achieving the desired results please send me an email (my address is in my profile) and I will help you get it resolved.


FYI, on occasion your used quota can get out of sync in the database. If what I described above does not apply to you then it's possible that you're just not synced up properly. I can take care of that as well if you would like.