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Identity safe not working

Had problems with my internet today. My tech guy had me reset a lot of things and now I can't get my identity safe to work. 


I can log-in to identify safe but when I go to the any of the webpages that normally would just automatically fill in they don't fill in the passwords anymore.


Help!!!  I really rely on this.








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Re: Identity safe not working

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Hello lucylarson,


First, be sure the appropriate Symantec / Norton Add-ons are enabled in your browser.  Is the Norton Toolbar visible?


If that does not work, you should consider resetting your Identity Safe.


  1. Open the main 360 interface.
  2. Go to Settings > Identity Protection.
  3. In the Identity Protection Window, go to Backup Identity Safe Data > Configure [+]
  4. In the Backup Window, "Browse" to save the data onto a USB flash drive or other convenient location. Add a password for extra security.
  5. Log out of Identity Safe.
  6. Reset the current identity safe profile by providing a wrong or empty password twice in the login window.


  8. Create a new identity safe profile. (Do not choose to import anything)
  9. In the Identity Protection Window, go to Restore Identity Safe Data > Configure [+]
  10. Browse to the NPM file you just saved on the USB flash Drive.  Click OK.

Let us know if the Autofill function works now.


And, always backup your Identity Safe Data to an external media on a regular basis.


[portions courtesy of Symantec Employee Thalir]


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