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Is norton 360 good for you computer secuity?

I have had Norton 360 (Version 1) for sometime and I would like to know from other people that if norton 360 is good for them.Please tell me if it is good and if i should get a better computer secutiy software.

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Re: Is norton 360 good for you computer secuity?

Hi Ornice,


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By your post, I understand that you need a total protection for your PC's. In that case we would advise you to move on with N360 only which collectively does all what you require. Version 5.0 is the latest from N360.


This is what N360 is,


N360=NAV+NIS+PC TuneUP+Backup

Total Protection(N360)=Complete Virus protection(NAV)+Online threats,fake web's,Identity Safe feature(NIS)+Disk Optimization,Bootup Activities,File cleanup(PC TuneUp)+Backup storage,data store in Cloud(Backup)


Let us know if you need any more information.





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Re: Is norton 360 good for you computer secuity?

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I would like to echo Prasanna's post, from the perspective of a fellow user. You should definitely stay with Norton, and you should visit the Norton Update Center and move up to version 5: you're entitled to free version updates as long as you have a current subscription.


I am a senior IT leader, and I've been a Norton user for more than 20 years--literally since the first Norton Utilities for DOS was released. There is no other security suite I'd entrust with the security of any computer I'm responsible for--Mac or PC; Desktop, Laptop, or Mobile.

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Re: Is Norton 360 good for you computer security?

Name a commercial security program, and several free ones and I have tried them all. Norton 360 is by far the best program for your PC security to date.



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