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My Norton 360 Account

I just subcribed for a 1 year N360 and then I downloaded the binary file and saved it on my Desktop.  But when I double-clicked on this binary file... a message pops up: C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Desktop\N360Download.exe. The specified path does not exist.  What is happening here.  I tried to save the binary elsewhere and it still show the same error (saying the specified path does not exist.


Can anybody help.  I am waiting here.


Thanks a lot in advance.

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Re: My Norton 360 Account

There is a specific Forum for N360 so I'll ask for your message to be moved over there or better exposure. You won't lose sight of it because a link will be left here.

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Re: My Norton 360 Account

Hello biotechswiss


Welcome to the Norton Community Forum


Perhaps you got a bad download.


Here are the links for N360 version 4 for both standard and premier versions. Please note that these are for the English versions. If you need a different language, please let us know.


Norton 360 v4 Standard:

Norton 360 v4 Premier:

Please remember to run live update and to reboot after receiving all updates.


Please do let me know if you need a different language and let us know how you made out. Thanks.

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