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N360_Backup File

Hi & help! (I'm a new poster.)


I was trying to clean up Temporary files on my desktop and found a file named "N360_BACKUP" among my C-drive folders. It didn't look familiar and I thought it might be the backup Norton asked me to create - and created for me - when I reinstalled N360 after renewing my subscription last month. I was pretty confident they weren't my backed up files from Norton because I manually one-by-one deleted them last month when I realized the backup scans on my 4 year old computer that Norton had been creating since 2005 were taking up a lot of room!


Anyway, after sending N360_BACKUP to the Recycle Bin (because I figured there couldn't be anything there that I couldn't just download again from the website) - the C drive on my desktop went from 15 GB of free space, to 43.5 GB! Needless to say I am very nervous as to what I just deleted! Please, any information would be appreciated! 


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Re: N360_Backup File

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N360_BACKUP is a special folder name that is used to denote a Norton 360 backup folder. Norton 360 assumes that the files and folders in the N360_BACKUP folder are already backed up. By default, Norton 360 backup does not take any data from the N360_BACKUP folder. Whenever you run a backup using Norton 360, it will add those files and folders to this N360_BACKUP folder to avoid recurrence during next backup session. If you have any files that need to be backed up from the N360_BACKUP folder, you may need to move the files to a different location before running the backup. Since you have already removed all the backup data before uninstalling/reinstalling Norton 360, you can also remove this folder. There is nothing to worry about this.




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