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N360 Renewal Discount

My N360 subscription expires soon.  Recently when asked to renew I proceeded to renewal site and the cost was $69.95 for one year.   I did not proceed but left the window open.  Later when I went back to the stale window and refreshed it came back but this time with the price crossed out and reduced to only $19.95 for one year.  As you can guess I did not proceed.  Now I am trying to duplicate or find this offer again but so far no luck.   Anyone else had this experience or know how to get the reduced subscription price?

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Re: N360 Renewal Discount

Welcome jes123


Finding the best price is always fun. At times the online price is good but most times the sales you find at local stores or the best online retailers are better. Symantec never undersells its distribution partners - or they might just quit offering Symanted products. Be very careful of online resellers. There have been several sad tales from other users who though they had gotten a really great deal only to find out that they had gotten taken. Search carefully and take the best deal you can find, AND trust.

Hope this helps

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Re: N360 Renewal Discount



Ask dick_evans says the best prices are often in the stores sometimes after discounts. If you find a good price (check the weekend flyers that the high street computer stores send out or post on their websites each Sunday) and buy the box you don't have to use it -- just use the KEY that comes with the disk in the Renew box on your installed product and that will do it.


However you MUST match the product subversion exactly so with Norton 360 a KEY is not interchangeable between Standard, Premier or the Netbook versions of either of those. And you have to be careful when there are 3 User and 1 User versions. But it does not have to be the same update version -- V4 or V5 for example.


However if you saw that renewal price on the Norton website my advice would be to contact Norton's OnLine Support by CHAT and ask them if they will honor it. If the say No I'm sure you can find Norton 360 3 User or under $40


To contact customer support Click on this link and work on from there.

You can choose CHAT or Email; email or phone may have a long wait time and feedback from users tells us that CHAT is by far the best at resolving problems.

Note that that link is to the USA/CAN website so if you are located elsewhere I'm sure you will be able to find the equivalent location on your local Symantec website; some pages have a link at the top right where you can select the country you are located in.