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New Norton 360 Patch problems

Since installing the new 360 patch, my Windows 8 keeps telling me that I have no Firewall or Antivirus. I spent time on the support chat and he tried several things with no luck. After a while, he told me that Norton was aware of the problem and an update should be coming. He said that my computer was protected and not to worry about errors. Well it has been several says and I am still getting errors from Windows. If they are aware of this, when can we expect a fix, or what else can I try? thanks

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Re: New Norton 360 Patch problems


Are you running live update daily to be sure that you are getting all of the updates in a timely manner?


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Re: New Norton 360 Patch problems

This problem exists with several security applications that we know about, not just Norton, and Microsoft is working with them to find out what triggers the false report from the Windows 8 Action Center.


Your Norton is protecting you if you get the green check mark despite what Windows says!


I don't know if a fix will come from Microsoft or from the security application but I'm sure it will be fixed ... stay in touch here for any news.

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Re: New Norton 360 Patch problems