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Norton 360 Error Code 8504, 104 -- What is That?

I recently installed Norton 360 Version 6 on my computer (Dell Precision Workstation 690) and have had repeated problems with it. I keep getting the red "At Risk" warning about backup, yet every time I try to log into my Norton Account via N360, it fails to connect.


Fed up with the problem, I bought a 2 TB external hard drive and set up Windows Backup to have my files backed up to the external drive. When I tried to turn off N360 backup, N360 froze up. Then I got the following error code: "8504, 104." Now N360 is totally unresponsive to my commands.


What the heck does this code mean? And ho do I get back control of N360?  

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Re: Norton 360 Error Code 8504, 104 -- What is That?

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Hi SkeeterVT,


I'm sorry that Norton is giving you so much trouble. The 8504, 104 error can be caused by a few things, but in your case it just sounds like a corrupt installation.


Have you tried a complete reinstall? Try using this tool:


Then if that doesn't work, check out this page and see if these steps help you out: