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Norton 360 and Win Spy Keylogger

This is probably off topic but please forgive and let me know where I should post this.This is a major issue for me at this moment and I need some help and advice.


I have an issue with an employee who uses one of my workstations. This could become a legal issue and my attorney has advised me to record, document and capture everything they do on the workstation.  It is legal in my state and the employees signed a statement at hireing concerning acceptable use and network security monitoring. 


I am a small outfit and don't have the finances to drop a thousand or so for a high end monitoring setup with a promiscuous mode NIC and remote monitoring etc. 


so I am looking at the basic keylogger type setup. 


For ease of use and reporting capabilities, etc. I am looking at 


My question is this:


The forums and other web searches indicate that older versions of Norton picked up win spy as a Trojan with remote access, and yes basically it is. 


Will 360 kick it out and block access/quarantine it? (I will be loading it locally on the machine and storing the log files in an hidden folder on that machine).


Because of the problems with the employee I do not want to disable any of Nortons features, and they are just slick enough to notice if Norton reports an error or shows a red x on the icon and I don't want to tip them off before I get the information I need for the attorney.


Thank you in advance for your assistance




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Re: Norton 360 and Win Spy Keylogger

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Hi Mikenola,


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The action against the threat depends on the severity of the threat and it's type. I'm not sure which kind/type of trojan it detects for the keylogger program from Mostly, Norton program will quarantine and block the access to the file(Trojan) since it's presence can open your computer to more vulnerabilities. But, if you are confident that the keylogger program is safe/secure to use, then you can try adding it's executable to the Scan Exclusion List. This will prevent Norton from scanning and quarantining it.



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