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Norton 360 error

Whenever I turn on my laptop the Norton 360 One Click Support pops up and it says "An error has occurred with Norton 360 Error" 5013,3 and it gives me the choice to Launch Support Web Site. When I click on it, it tells me how to fix it step by step. However on Step 2 it says: "In the Services window, under the Name column, locate and double-click Base Filtering Engine." But on my laptop that name doesn't show. Should i be worried that it doesn't show?

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Re: Norton 360 error

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Hi, jenny24,


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This is a known Microsoft issue, which has been plaguing several people of late. Here is a fix you can try, if you're fairly technical or know someone who is:


Be forewarned: because it's a Windows problem, the steps it takes to fix it are not for the faint of heart! LOL