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Norton 360 keeps turning itself off

My computer keeps reporting that Norton 360 is turned off. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled. What can I do now?


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Re: Norton 360 keeps turning itself off

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Hi, and welcome to our community!


How did you uninstall and reinstall? Did you just uninstall from Windows Control Panel (Add/Remove Programs), or did you use the Norton Removal Tool as well? Uninstalling only from Control Panel can produce symptoms like you've experienced.


Another possibility: do you have any other security software installed, that might be blocking your Norton?


A third possibility: is there a chance you might have picked up some malware? Try downloading and running the free version of malwarebytes for a "second opinion" before proceeding with the possibilities I describe below.


If you have other security software running on your machine, you should remove it (preferably using the specialized removal tool offered by its vendor on its website) so that Norton can run without interference.


Otherwise, if you uninstalled Norton only through Windows, use the following instructions to ensure a complete and safe remove-and reinstall; this should solve your problem. You will not have to pay for the program again, and your subscription days will automatically be recognized when you reinstall this way. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Export your Identity Safe cards/credentials to your desktop if you've set these up, so you'll be able to import them back in when your clean install is complete.
  2. Make sure that you have set up (and can still access) your Norton Account, and that your current Norton 360 subscription is showing under the "Products" tab, with a big yellow "Download" button at right; this is how you will reinstall your Norton product and have it linked automatically to your subscription.
  3. From Windows Control Panel, use the Add/Remove Programs function to uninstall your Norton 360. This will disconnect all your critical system drivers from your security product so they aren't deleted by the next step. Be sure to take advantage of any opportunities you are given to save your Norton settings so they can be restored again when you reinstall later. Reboot your computer when this is complete.
  4. Download and run the Norton Removal Tool to ensure a complete uninstall of your existing Norton product. This is necessary because of the extent to which a security package needs to have its tendrils deeply intertwined throughout the Operating System to do its job, and will clean up debris Windows leaves behind that may interfere with proper operation of your Norton product.
  5. Once the Norton Removal Tool has finished, reboot your computer again, and immediately log back into your Norton Account and click that big yellow Download button. Remember, until you do this, you are temporarily without your Norton protection.

This last step will reinstall Norton 360 and link it automatically to your existing subscription. You should now be back in business, protected by "the speed and power of Norton!" :smileyvery-happy:


Please let us know how this works out. We're here to support you until you can click that "Accept as Solution" button!

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Re: Norton 360 keeps turning itself off

What other security/anti-malware products do you have/have had installed?

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