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Norton 360 not responding.

My computer recently got infected by a virus from a torrent site. I used Safe Mode and downloaded MalwareBytes. I scanned the computer once for threats and got 22. Dleeted em but Norton and my Internet Browsers still do not work. I tried reinstalling Norton 360 but got no dice. I click on the .exe file or shortcut and nothing happens. What is wrong?


 My computer is Windows.



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Re: Norton 360 not responding.

Did you try to install Norton 360 from a setup file which is already with you or you downloaded a fresh copy and then started the installation?


If it is an old copy, chances are that it might have been corrupted, so I suggest you to download a fresh copy and then start the installation.


Before you do this, run a scan using Norton Boot Recovery Tool, and make sure that your system is free of threats.