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Norton 360 through Comcast.

I am unable to activate the Norton Toolbar. It does show sometimes and then goes away. My browser shows NORTON in black and a grayish circle with a question mark.  I have removed Norton twice and reinstalled it and it changes nothing.  Also I can't use support on line...It starts to scan my computor and then freezes my system.. Live update does work.


Any help appreciated.



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Re: Norton 360 through Comcast.



What security software was on your machine before N360?  How was it removed?  Do you have any other real-time scanning programs running?

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Re: Norton 360 through Comcast.

Keep in mind that the Comcast version is still 3.0. I was using the Comcast version last month and at that time the toolbar wasn't compatable with Firefox 3.6.  My point is that maybe there is still a bug with version 3.0 and Firefox 3.6. The previous version of Firefox ran fine with the tool bar, but unfortunately the Norton 3.0 Comcast version slowed down my PC. I am currently using the full Norton 360 4.0 version with Firefox 3.6 and everything runs great. I'm not sure how long before Comcast will upgrade to the new version, but I read it will happen much quicker than when Comcasrt was using  McAfee. 

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Re: Norton 360 through Comcast.

I want to switch to comcast I am using fairpoint aka verizon here in N.H fairpoint is way to slow and exspensive.


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Re: Norton 360 through Comcast.

jackBnimble - Comcast's version of Norton has been updated (here)   to be compatable with FF 3.6.


Gordy007 - As delphinium pointed out, any prior security software has to be completely removed and also since you removed Norton also, the norton removal tool should have been run.

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Re: Norton 360 through Comcast.

Hello Tightpants


This is a Forum for Norton Security products. If you are interested in changing ISP's, you will have to contact Comcast about that directly. This Forum only is about Comcast because they now offer a free Security program which is made by Symantec. Anything else to do with Comcast, you will have to contact them directly. Thank you.


You should be able to contact them from this link I believe.

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Re: Norton 360 through Comcast.

Thanks damnyank, I did see that. I just didn't know if it was fully implemented to all Comcast customers yet since I no longer have that version installed. I asked Comcast customer service when 4.0 might be available for their customers, but they didn't know. The full version I'm currently using is a 90 day trial and it runs quite well for me. I don't mind switching back to the Comcast version when it becomes available because of it. I had Avast Free 5.0 installed and can tell you my browsing is faster with the new version of Norton than with Avast. Hopefully it won't take as along for Comcast to upgrade it's version of Norton 360, like it did with McAfee. Take care.