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Norton 360 will not open, plus other issues...

We first noticed a problem when an error box showed up this weekend:

ccSvcHst.exe - Application Error


A quick google search showed that it is a security/Norton issue.  We then tried to open our Norton 360  2.0, and nothing happens. LiveUpdate will not open, nothing related to Norton will open.


Attempted to uninstall/reinstall using the websites Remove Norton software tool. This tool would not download.


Attempted to uninstall using windows Add/Remove programs, this locked the computer up, requireing a hard shut down.


Any help would be appreciated greatly.  Will answer any questions needed.

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Re: Norton 360 will not open, plus other issues...

Hi chameleongryl,


Welcome to Norton Community!


Instead of trying to install the old Norton 360 2.0 version, better try to install latest version - Norton 360 3.0 and then check. If you have a current subscription to Norton 360, you can update to the latest version by downloading the update (Norton 360 v3 Standard or Norton 360 v3 Premier). You can use the same product key of Norton 360 2.0 for activation of Norton 360 3.0. You can get the Product key of Norton 360 2.0 from your Norton Account.


Download and run Norton Removal Tool from this LINK. This is to remove the damaged Norton 360 2.0 program. Run the removal tool 2-3 times in order to make sure that all the components from previous installation has been removed completely. If you are unable to download the installation file or removal tool to your computer, try to download the same in any other computer and transfer the tool to your computer through flashdrive/pendrive/CD. Let us know how it goes.