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Norton Blocking AOL mail

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Within the last hour, Norton has blocked access to AOL mail....I keep receiving a new page message that blocks access to my AOL account log-in this something new or should I just ignore this issue and hope that it goes away?


I am running IE 9 and Windows 7 Home edition.


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This is a copy of the message on the page that I am sent to when I try and log into my AOL accounts....

blocked red-x                    
Symantec logo                    

Malicious Web Site Blocked

You attempted to access:


This is a known malicious web site. It is recommended that                                you do NOT visit this site. The                                  detailed report                                                                  explains the security risks on this site.                                
                                For your protection, this web site has been blocked. Visit                                   Symantec                                 to learn more about phishing and internet security.                                

Exit this site                        

Continue to site anyway                        





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Re: Norton Blocking AOL mail

I use IE too and have had this problem have been able to get in via maxilla,but this is not good enough-I have used Norton and AOL for years-why is there now this problem? Can Norton or AOL explain?

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Re: Norton Blocking AOL mail

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I have reported you message (message 1) for the bad links which is against the forum rules.  


Looks like someone used the AOL webmail / webspace on the server(s) for bad and as a result  the whole "hxxp://" address is blocked to some degree.


I remember this happened to Woosh some time ago with webmail as someone has used their account on the server for bad, so Norton blocked the woosh webmail.



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Re: Norton Blocking AOL mail

Well, I apologize if I did something wrong or listed something I wasn't supposed to but I am not obviously, a very savvy computer user.



Thank you for your response.



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Re: Norton Blocking AOL mail

The same thing is happening to me. Is Norton going to fix this? I got into my email by downloading and installing aol desktop but I want to do it the usual way. Please advise. Thank you.