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Norton Firewall blocking my Sony Blu Ray access??

I've been having problems with my blu ray player accessing my server (via router and computer).  1 blue ray in the bedroom works fine.  The one in the living room sony blu ray s570 keeps giving me error messages about the server and telling me to check my firewall settings. 


I'm not knowing how or what to check and change in the NORTON 360 firewall settings to make sure its not blocking my blu ray player.  Can anyone advise?  Thanks in advance for any assistance.  Have a great day, Margaret

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Re: Norton Firewall blocking my Sony Blu Ray access??

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Hi Margaret,


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Sorry for the inconvenience. Which version of Norton 360 do you use, you can find it from Support > About in Norton 360? You can right-click on the Norton icon in the system tray(bottom-right corner of desktop) and use the option to disable the Smart Firewall temporarily. Then verify whether blu ray player can access the server. You can also check the Network Security Map and make sure that your blu ray player is trusted.