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Norton LiveUpdate fails to complete

Norton Web Protection Definitions Status: Failed to complete.


I receive this error when running Liveupdate. The self-help solution told me to click on the Tech Support link, for the error, however there isn't one. I have a link for "More Information" that sends me to a Norton link that states:


Norton 360 downloads the latest definition updates and program updates regularly from Symantec servers. The definition updates protect your computer from the latest viruses and unknown security threats. Using the LiveUpdate technology, Norton 360 helps you download and install these updates.

If there is a problem downloading the Pulse Updates from Symantec servers, check if the following options are turned on:

  • Automatic LiveUpdate

  • Pulse Updates

To access the Automatic LiveUpdate option and the Pulse Updates option, in the Norton 360 main window, click Settings > Antivirus > Antispyware and Updates.

If the Automatic LiveUpdate option and the Pulse Updates option are turned off, then Norton 360 does not download the latest updates automatically.



Automatic Liveupdate and Pulse updates are on, I've never turned them off. Other self-help tips said to assure I have the most recent version, I do. I also downloaded the most recent definitions manually from the Web site. None of this helps.


When I run live update all update are download and applied except for Norton Web Protection Definitions. Please help.


Thank you

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Re: Norton LiveUpdate fails to complete



I've just had the same thing.  It happens from time to time.  The failed updates usually install in a while.  It isn't anything wrong with your installation and nothing to be too concerned about.



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