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Norton SIte will not Redirect

Windows XP

IE 8

Norton 360


While browsing on the Norton website, the laptop I thought was infected (but is not) stopped following some of the website links.  For example, I search for "bootable recovery tool" and the search engine returns several links.  When I try to follow a link, I receive error 400. The computer followed the links Sunday, but would not follow them Monday or Tuesday.  Under the browser options, I deleted the cookies but it did not make a difference.


If I do the same search on a desktop with Windows XP professional, IE 8, and different virus software, I can follow the links.


The links also work on a desktop with XP pro, Firefox, and yet another different virus program.


I doubt my problem is a website issue.  Is it a laptop issue, a browser issue, a virus?  Is there a setting for Norton 360 prevents the browser from redirecting?  Norton 360 only found and cleaned tracking cookies.  The Power Eraser found no threats.  The Bootable Recovery Tool found no threats.

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Re: Norton SIte will not Redirect

Hi Remmy,


Can you try resetting the IE to default and then check if the issue persists? Also, run Windows Updates from IE to see if any fixes/updates are available. Let us know how it goes.