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Norton Toolbar not showing up

I just got computer with Windows 7. I loaded MS Office 2003. I have 2 different IE programs showing up. One is 64-bit Edition and the other is not. My Norton Toolbar only shows up on the old version not the 64-bit version. How do I get it loaded on the 64-bit version.


Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.



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Re: Norton Toolbar not showing up

The Norton ToolBar is not supported in the 64bit of IE.  The ToolBar is only supported on 32bit IE and FireFox, at the moment.  The other browser protection processes that run outside of the browser are still protecting you in the 64bit environment; in the 64bit IE, they are not running inside the browser process like they do in the 32bit version of IE.

Win7 x32 SP1