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Only 5 Days Remaining as warned. Why? Need fixing soon

 How can it be 5 days only remaining as from yesterday?

I installed Norton 360 5.0 1U 3PC 12MO RET  IN on July  22, 2011
I have a valid Product key
This product does not appear anywhere in my Norton Acct. Why?
To my understanding 12 mo is 365 days - From July 22, 2011, it should be 
As from your information today on May 1, 2012 does not make up to 12 months. 
May 1, 2012
Product Name: Norton 360
LiveUpdate Channel: Traditional
Following is the Pay Pal Receipt  for this product and it was shipped. 
6/29/2011 Web Accept Payment Sent: Cheap Software USD -46.75 0.00 -46.75
The day I installed it, July 22, 211, it said that I had only 289 days left! What happened to 364 days left?
According to all the above information, I need an explanation SOON.
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Re: Only 5 Days Remaining as warned. Why? Need fixing soon

Since you paid by PayPal did that mean that you bought it from some individual on the Internet? Or did you buy it from a reputable source?


There have been a lot of scammers selling partly used products and that might be your situation.


I suggest you get in touch with the Norton OnLine Support Team via the CHAT route as below. This uses your computer keyboard not a phone and they are quick and nice! They have the tools to correct anything that has gone wrong if you have a genuine copy or can tell you if yours was fraudulent in which case you may have a case via PayPal?


To contact customer support Click on this link  and work on from there.

Please let us know how you get on ....